Go Beyond | 2017 Mission Trips

Go beyond these walls on a mission trip and beyond yourself to engage in service around the world; sharing the love of Jesus.

Below are available trips:

Haiti Student Trip (Seniors - Class of 2017)| House of Hope | March 17-24, 2017 | $1195 | Register/Contribute
We will reach out to the people of Haiti in impoverished neighborhoods.  With other students, we will lead Bible stories, songs, crafts, and games, and simply love on kids. We will also help with the elderly by giving out food and clothing. This trip is a hands-on way to experience Haiti and positively affect life for those who live there. The time at House of Hope is spent on work projects and getting to know the kids.

HAITI WEDDING TRIP | HOUSE OF HOPE | APRIL 26-MAY 1, 2017 | $1,100 | Register/Contribute

This group will travel to the House of Hope Orphanage/Hope Christian Church in Port au Prince, Haiti to coordinate weddings for couples that cannot afford a marriage license. Harvester will help with those costs and make their day special. The group can develop relationships with members of the church, wedding guests and the children at the orphanage. Trip Leader: Lori Gilmore

Payment Info | registration/deposit ($100) by 3/12/17; deposit 2 ($700) by 3/20/17; deposit 3 ($300) by 4/10/17.


This group will help with improvements in the dorms at Mexico Christian University, participate in an evangelistic outreach and youth retreat in Queretaro and spend a day helping with improvements and visiting a nearby children's home. Trip Leaders: Scott & Natalie Baker

Payment Info | registration/deposit ($100) by 4/15/17; deposit 2 ($800) by 5/5/17; deposit 3 ($400) by 6/5/17. 

HAITI | SPORTS OUTREACH TRIP | JULY 6-13, 2017 | $1250 | Register/Contribute

This group will lead and participate in a soccer camp in Port au Prince, Haiti, partnering with House of Hope Orphanage and Hope Christian Church. The ultimate goal is to share the Gospel message. The group will also be able to spend time with children at the House of Hope orphanage. Trip Leaders: Jared Smith, Beth Bayer. 

Payment Info | registration/deposit ($100) by 5/1/17; deposit 2 ($800) by 5/15/17; deposit 3 ($350) by 6/15/17.

NICARAGUA OUTREACH TRIP TO MISKITU VILLAGE | SEPTEMBER 18-25, 2017 | $1700 | Register/Contribute

This group will travel by boat to the remote Miskitu Tribal area on the eastern Atlantic coast. They will minister to the villagers and lead a women's softball outreach as well. Harvester has helped to fund clean water, churches and schools in this remote area. Marcus & Ann Pearson are directors of Harvest Initiative. Trip leaders: TBD

Payment Info | registration/deposit ($100) by 7/10/17; deposit 2 ($900) by 8/1/17; deposit 3 ($700) by 8/25/17. 

Contact Information:
Nancy Schulz
(636) 928-7651